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Major Projects
As an integral part of management and entrepreneurship learning through experience and exposure, each student in our Programmes will do various major projects such as under :
These projects are in the various functional and/or the specialization areas in the context of local industries to understand the application of the relevant concepts to small business enterprises.
This major project is done in General Management programme. It is in the context of one of the local industries to understand the small scale sector and entrepreneurship. The scope of project is generally to study and analyse the working of a specific local industry e.g. handicrafts, hydrated lime, steel sheets, cement, chemicals, etc. and prepare an action plan for the betterment of that industry.
This is a two months’ project done by each student of all the programmes with a major organisation in India or abroad. This provides exposure to the students in the medium and large scale organisations.
This project is done in the specialisation programmes. It involves a student conceptualizing and preparing a business plan for a product or an enterprise. In this process the student learns the entire gamut of creating and launching a product or establishing and running an organization.
The projects are allotted to the students entirely on random basis (unlike the most other institutions where this is done by students’ own preferences) since in real-life we have actually no choice about the people and projects with which we work in an organization.
Students can work either in the groups of two/three or alone on the project. The project work carried out is evaluated from time to time by the faculty guide. On completion of the project, every student submits the final report and makes presentation about the project.
Since inception, our students have worked with over 1000 organisations, who have found the recommendations useful.
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