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Feedback from Alumni of our Aravali Institute of Management  
>> "At Aravali, I have rebuilt myself in terms of attitude, integrity, skills and ethics. Everything that we experienced and enjoyed at Aravali is of tremendous help to me in redirecting towards a successful future.""
Manish Agarwal (2001-03 Batch)
Kalyanshree Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., Madanganj-Kishangarh
>> "Education at Aravali gave me a superb set of skills. These included analytical techniques, intellectual insights - the things you would expect from a professional school. At the same time, it taught me that a good question can be more important than a good answer. Sometimes, being able to ask the right question makes you a more valuable contributor than being the person who comes up with the right answer."
Preyasha Bhardwaj (2003-05 Batch)
Indiabulls Securities Ltd., Jaipur
>> "According to me, Aravali has not only a great environment for learning, it's also a great environment for living. In Aravali campus we felt more like a neighbourhood than a network of buildings. There were many clubs and activities to get involved in Aravali which helped to sharpen and enhance students' intelligence and their involvement in the corporate world. These not only made us men but made us gentlemen."
Arjun Bhootra (2009-11 Batch)
Nirmal Bang Securities Pvt. Ltd., Jodhpur
>> "What corporate world demands is exactly in the syllabus and culture of Aravali. The programme covers all the requirements; be it in terms of discipline, ethical behaviour, hardworking culture, world-class practices or the latest management concepts along with the vast industry exposure."
Jayant Gehlot (2003-05 Batch)
Thai Carbon Black Public Co. Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand
>> "Aravali provided a very good platform to learn. Excellent education was provided along with self-development in this Institute."
Deepti Gupta (Ms.) (2004-06 Batch)
IDBI Bank Ltd., Jaipur
>> "The training at Aravali of facing the challenges enabled me to deliver the results in organisation and make a good image in tough and challenging environment."
Ashish Joshi (2009-11 Batch)
Corporation Bank, Ahmedabad
>> "Something very unique and special about Aravali was the size of the class - it was smaller than other leading business schools. But we still had students and faculty from different states which was great, as we got very different perspectives and opinions about topics we were covering in class. Because of the smaller sized class, it gave us adequate time to know everyone very well. We could build strong links, which would help us in the future."
Mohammed Yasir Khilji (2009-11 Batch)
OTE Group, Muscat, Oman r
>> "Programme at Aravali covers all the topics which today's corporate world requires and the budding manager should know before entering the corporate world. In two years of my studies at Aravali, I learnt to do our duties and assignments with honesty, as truly said Work is Worship."
Anurag Parihar (2009-11 Batch)
Avantor Performance Materials India Ltd., Faridabad

>> "Aravali can be defined in just a single line "Learning at every step". Each and every day used to teach us something new. Whether it was a club activity or subject classes, every minute spent there was memorable. The principles of Institute helped me a lot in my professional career. I am proud to be an Aravalian."
Nitin Patwa (2008-10 Batch)
Suntrust Aluminums Pvt. Ltd., Gummidipoondi, Tamil Nadu
>> "Aravali is one of the best learning platforms for an individual to enter into the corporate world. Faculty members there are having good exposure to the corporate world which makes the student learn the practical as well as theoretical knowledge. Candidates passing out from Aravali can compete with any kind of toughness in the market and are assets for the organizations."
Sachin Purohit (2001-03 Batch)
Sai Ivory, South Africa
>> "It had been a tremendous privilege to pursue my PGP through Aravali, which provided a strong base to enable me to move confidently into the next phase of my life. Aravali gave me the academic freedom and rigour to internalise the concepts."
Rajmohan, (2000-02 Batch)
RMC Group of Companies, Jodhpur
>> "God given us life and culture on the Earth but how to live a life with success, honesty, ethically was taught to us by Aravali. It's over emphasis on practical knowledge was unique. In this corporate era, this type of programme provides so much of insights to a student to enable him take perfect decisions in various circumstances."
Mahesh Rankawat (2006-08 Batch)
Eureka Forbes Ltd., Jodhpur
>> "At Aravali, I have learnt positive attitude, integrity, skill development and ethics for making a successful career. Aravali is the only place for real exposure to the corporate world and corporate culture. I am proud to be called an Aravali alumnus."
Ram Kishor Sankhla (2009-09 Batch)
HDFC Bank Ltd., Jodhpur
>> "Education from Aravali is a unique and remarkable gift. Even as it opens you to new thoughts, ideas, and experiences; it also brings with it an obligation to serve your fellow citizens. The biggest benefit that I have experienced has been a broader business knowledge which has translated me into being a more rounded and effective business manager."
Anucrum Saxena (2002-04 Batch)
DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd., Kota
>> "The two year programme at Aravali was structured with integrated exposure to multiple perspectives in organisation and management. Take away for me from the programme included - I understand the role each element plays in the performance of an organisation and I have become a learner for lifetime."
Gunjan Sharma (2001-03 Batch)
Bain & Company Inc., Gurgaon
>> "During my two years in Aravali, I experienced high-class business studies, exposure to corporate world and moreover, an open environment to express myself."
Nitin Sharma (2000-02 Batch)
Entrepreneur, Jaipur
>> "Aravali is a place which I can say as the best for nurturing excellence in young budding managers. It is an institution where you interact with top corporates to learn from their experiences. Aravali offered me the wonderful opportunity of learning while implementing. Each and every moment one had lots to learn, be it from the faculty or the peers. The principles and values helped me to attain my lifelong dream. In fact the institute's 'way of living' taught me the nuances of day-to-day life and ingrained a code of conduct which, today, I am proud of."s
Sumit Somani (2002-04 Batch)
Upasna Group, Jaipur
>> "Aravali is one of the best Institutes which grooms your personality in such a way that you can handle any type of pressure in the corporate world and deliver the best results. And the best part is that the various programmes and activities which are organized by the Institute from time to time had helped to make our ideas innovative, creative and diversified."
Atul Vashishtha (2010-12 Batch)
Operations & Maintenance Engineer Universal Chemicals & Industries P. Ltd., Bharuch
>> "Aravali Jodhpur provides world-class management education. Interaction with experienced faculty from a varied background and thought provoking guest lecturers supported by an extremely resourceful library have helped me develop a new insight into every facet of business handling."
Dharm Veer (2006-08 Batch)
Dabur International, Nigeria, West Africa
>> "Aravali has played the most significant and transformational role in our lives. The military discipline went deep into us. It started from the day one and it continues to shape who we are today. The strength of our programme has placed Aravali at the forefront of business education."
Dheeraj P. Yadav (2009-11 Batch)
Holtec Consulting, Gurgaon
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