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Learning Structure
We believe in developing the capabilities and competencies of our students so as to shape them as visionary citizens who have passion to pursue and realize the dreams for themselves, their families and the nation with missionary zeal. In line with this objective, the structuring of our programme is such that the students spend broadly around two-third of the entire duration in doing courses, and balance one-third period with the projects and summer internship.
The pedagogy of the programme uses various learning tools like case studies, role plays, live projects, games, social work, interactions with the role models, internship, experts' lectures, workshops and educational excursions to supplement the lecture method. To encourage high involvement of the students, the classroom sessions are highly interactive. The emphasis is on learning the applications of concepts rather than just a theoretical understanding. The pedagogy adopted, therefore, is consistent with the basic objective of shaping hard thinking, hard working, and hard analyzing professionals who can apply their conceptual learning to real-life situations to be able to deliver the desired results to the organisations where they choose to work or create.
The various important aspects of learning structure at Aravali are as under :
The classes will be in Gurukul Ashram-mode held in the classrooms, in organizational offices, under the trees, on the banks of lakes and in the villages.
The faculty uses the relevant case studies obtained under the arrangements we have with IIM Ahmedabad to enhance the learning in the class.
During their studies, each student does various major projects like studying the life and work of any role model, Summer Internship Project and Nation-Building Project.
During the summer internship period, each student spends two months with a leading organization doing projects, which involve solving their real problems.
The classes are held from Friday through Wednesday, with Thursday as the weekly holiday. The idea behind having the full-day classes on weekends is to facilitate visits of outstation CEOs, organizational heads and other professionals for providing experts learning to Aravali students.
Each week the students have formal as well as informal interaction with a CEO and/or a VP/GM level person, from all over India and overseas, who are in residence at our campus for 2-6 days.
In a pioneering initiative, the teaching of our certain courses has been taken out of the normal classroom situation to bring in the real-life scenario and enhance the learning.
Our Aravali Institute of Management has been the first management institute in our country to teach the following as compulsory courses to our students since inception in the year 2000
  “"Development Management" course was taught in the villages of Bundelkhand region in MP/UP, under the guidance of the experts from Development Alternatives, New Delhi founded by Dr. Ashok Khosla.
  “"Environment Management" course was taught under the arrangement we had with Centre for Environment Education, Ahmedabad of Mr. Kartikeya Sarabhai and Tarun Bharat Sangh, Alwar of Magsaysay awardee waterman Mr. Rajendra Singh.
  “"Safety & Security Management" course was taught by the experts from the Army, Intelligence Bureau, Chief Controller of Explosives and cyber security arranged by International Institute of Security & Safety Management, New Delhi.
  “Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) course was taught with online experiential learning at Noida, conducted by Knowlegdecrop Technologies (P) Ltd.
  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) course is taught with online experiential learning at Noida, conducted by Knowlegdecrop Technologies (P) Ltd.
In a unique exposure learning of its kind, our students are taken for educational tours to metro cities to meet and have meaningful interaction with top successful professionals in diverse organisations and also visit large manufacturing facilities.
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