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India has around 4000 management institutes, all of them producing “budding” managers. However, we sincerely believe that the future of India as a nation and its people as a society lays not so much in ever increasing number of managers but in developing entrepreneurs. Therefore, as one of our thrust areas, we have established “Aravali Entrepreneurship Incubation Park” on our campus to inculcate and develop the spirit of entrepreneurship in the interested students; leading to their shaping up as successful entrepreneurs.

The above is effectively achieved through the following :


It will have machines, facilities and infrastructure to manufacture the selected products and provide certain services. While the students will spend 5-6 hours everyday in the classes to learn the various concepts of management and entrepreneurship, they would spend 2-3 hours each day in this manufacturing-cum-services organisation. It would be done in rotation so that this organisation is functional for minimum eight hours daily. Also the roles and responsibilities of the students will be changed periodically so that they get real-life exposure and experience in all the functional areas of management. The faculty members and invited experts from the relevant industries would be guiding the students to enable them to deliver the optimal level of performance.

If our students are really shaping up to be successful entrepreneurs then under the able guidance of our faculty and outside industry experts, this organisation has to be profitable. Half of the profit will be distributed amongst the students and faculty, while the remaining half would go to the corpus of the Institute to be invested in its facilities and future growth. For the students, it would meet a part of their study expenses, while for the faculty it would be an additional source of income. In the process, as the active stakeholders, the students and faculty would be keenly interested in ensuring the exceptional operational performance and profitability of this organisation, while maximizing their learning.

We plan to engage the proclaimed small-scale sick (BIFR) units for turning-around of these with the help of our students, in the process providing the students with the challenges and opportunities of having exceptional entrepreneurial learning experiences.


Here the passed out students (that is, alumni) will be provided all the infrastructural facilities and institutional support for a period of 2-3 years till their entrepreneurial project concept is ready to be commissioned. This may include choosing of the right products/ services, selecting the appropriate technology, arranging the finances, obtaining the statutory approvals, purchase of land, procurement of plant & machinery, recruitment of the manpower, etc. as may be required by the concerned alumnus and deemed appropriate by the Institute. The Institute may also consider providing suitable scholarships to the selected alumni on merit-cum-means basis to meet part of their living and operational expenses during this gestation period so that they can fully concentrate on shaping up of their entrepreneurial ventures.

The entrepreneurial alumni will pay to the Institute for the above facilities and support by way of equity in their ventures so that the association and interest of the Institute in the growth of these ventures continues.


In the selected major cities of India, we have Entrepreneurial Incubation Mentors, who are the successful entrepreneurs with commitment to develop entrepreneurship in India. They provide the mentoring to Aravali alumni in the form of championing the venture, render coaching, be the sounding board for ideas, facilitate networking with the relevant persons and provide advice, guidance, encouragement, motivation and support. They also take care of office space for these alumni alongwith required infrastructural support and boarding & lodging during the mentoring period.

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