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>> "About Aravali - An institute with a difference. Truly world-class infrastructure along with good number of visiting faculty and guest faculty. Freedom to choose the curriculum and pedagogy for faculty makes it more flexible in imparting better training. About its programme - Focused on providing skills to students, ability to cope with today's challenges. course curriculum is thoroughly taught with stress on delivering practical insights of today's corporate world. Focus on local industry project is an excellent initiative.
Pankaj Bajaj
>> "Aravali is not just a Business School; it teaches far better things than just business management lessons. A perfect finishing school it is, as there are attitudinal changes noticed in each student that I saw passed out from here. Strict Discipline, Strong Attendance, Formal Dressing and Professional Grooming - every way Aravali generates high-performing future corporate managers. Students from any background can get perfectly moulded by the courses, the delivery of the subjects, the events organized by the Institute and the real-life lessons taught here."
Amlan Bhattacharya
>> "Aravali is marching towards to be a most important Management Institute of India. I taught the students who were extremely eager to learn and very down to earth. Now after we start in 100 acres campus, this institute will have a great advantage for the faculty and students open to the sky environment. Without all the facilities in earlier rented premises, they have shown their extraordinary talent in the working field. Some of the alumni are in my city Ahmedabad and while interacting with them, I get an excellent feedback."
Subrata Bhowmick
>> "Aravali is a fine Institution with value based system. The students are committed to the Institutional goals under an inspiring leadership."
Alan D’Souza
>> "Aravali stands out among other management institutes in terms of its discipline, vision and commitment towards better management education. What excites me is that the Institute endeavours to shape managers who are professional, ethical and socially responsible. Excellent faculty, great Infrastructure and industry inputs, equips students with the concepts, tools and techniques that would enable them to become agents of comprehensive growth and bring positive changes to the society. This Institute provides a highly conducive environment for the overall development of budding managers."
Rashi Dwivedi (Mrs.)
>> "According to me Aravali is a unique institute in its own way, as the number of examples it has set till date are probably uncountable. The values and principles that are taught during the course curriculum are also practiced by the Institute. The courses at Aravali are well designed and executed. The teaching pedagogy is student-friendly and ensures the overall development of the students. The exposure, in terms of interactions with dignitaries from every field, and educational excursions in top Indian and multinational companies certainly provide a vocational touch to the programme. I think its curriculum makes the students Industry-ready in complete sense."
Astha Jain (Ms.)
>> "Aravali provides students an enabling environment, which helps learning not only Management Skills but also Life Skills. Zero Compromise and high ethics make Aravali a unique place to learn, grow, teach and recruit".
Sony Goyal

>> “Aravali is fast emerging as a cradle for nurturing outstanding managerial talent by creating the right atmosphere to develop the students and to equip them to excel in their working careers. I am sure that in the years to come, Aravali alumni will rise to the topmost echelons in the Indian corporate sector and make a mark for themselves and for the Institute.”
Rajiv Kumar Jain
>> “I have never taught anywhere else that has such a rich mixture of students as in Aravali. They entered my classes with a wide variety of skills, motivations, and academic backgrounds. Watching them develop and change over the course of the programme was a real reward. The satisfaction I got from seeing some of my students as they succeeded in their careers is what made teaching at Aravali so remarkable. The academic environment at the Institute was very supportive and it was a place where students, faculty, and staff flourished while carrying out the mission of the Institute. The atmosphere at the institute was unlike any other, so much so that I used to look forward to each working day with great expectations.”
Jyoti Kathju (Mrs.)
>> “I was delighted to have taught at Aravali. The Institute is developing into an institute of excellence for modern management. This is in no small measure due to the Institute leadership’s uncompromising efforts at networking with the best in India and setting high standards for work at the institute.”
Vinod Kaul
>> “This institute is very different than any of my previous academic assignments. I have rarely seen such renowned faculty members from IIMs & IITs regularly visiting and sharing their knowledge with students. The students are very responsive and value addition to these students is immense. The institute makes a sincere attempt to develop responsible managers.”
Sukhbir Kaur (Mrs.)
>> “Aravali is one of the most professionally managed Institutes that I have come across, which upholds the values and ethics to the highest degree. It truly epitomizes the concept of blended learning experience where the students are given exposure not only to academics but also enriched through field visits and talks by eminent personalities from across the world.”
Dr. Bindu Nair (Mrs.)
>> “The sheer passion of the promoters in building an island of perfection without indulging in any corrupt practices is indeed very commendable. The infrastructure was quite adequate for the initial years of the Institute with a well stocked library and a high degree of discipline. The students were exposed to the best speakers and had good hostel facilities.”
Bhalender Singh Nayyar

>> "It has really been an interesting experience to have been associated with Aravali, Jodhpur right from the year of its inception i.e. 2000. It has also been heartening to see it grow, from strength to strength, given its limited means and some other limitations. The Management has not spared any efforts to truly deserve the No. 1 B-School Rank in the State of Rajasthan just in its third year of coming into being. The infrastructure has also kept pace with the rapidly changing times."
Dr. Ashok Panjwani
>> "The Institute has made rapid progress and marks out from other institutes on discipline, ethics and the value added to the students' personality. Students are serious in their work and committed to timeliness - whether in studies or extracurricular activities. Ample opportunities for interaction with senior people in government, corporates, NGOs and institutions of repute like IIMs & IITs are provided. This, along with the projects that students do in every subject, adds tremendously to their confidence and makes them do well in their career."
J. M. Pant
>> "The level of transformation in the students' personalities I have witnessed at Aravali, has been absolutely incredible. To be part of the team making this miracle happen has indeed been quite heartening and satisfying. On the parameter of 'value addition', I would rank this institute among the best in the country."
Surendra Rajpurohit
>> "I have a very positive feedback to give about Aravali and its programme. The Sanskrit scripture about learning being 'the teacher provides only 1/4 of the knowledge, while the students learns 1/4 on his own; the third portion come from his classmates and balance knowledge the students picks up from the environment' aptly exemplifies here. The Institute is providing an excellent environment to learn Discipline, Punctuality and Ethics."
Sharu S. Rangnekar

>> "Aravali is a benchmark for quality education. Every student can be assured of contemporary wholesome education by quality faculty team which ensures radical shift in knowledge, skills and attitude thus making every outgoing student valuable and more importantly employable. And yes.... all this happens in a non-compromising and highly disciplined environment."
Nilesh Sancheti
>> "Aravali is excellent for learning communication skills and overall personality development for employability. Discipline is excellent. Learning is great in this institute. Director's involvement is appreciated which is a key factor in the growth of students."
Dr. Neelam Tikkha (Ms.)
>> "Aravali is a place for lifetime investment in oneself. It prepares students for life way beyond just management skills. It has all the right ingredients of ethics, morality, behavioural skills, discipline, communication skills and rigorous management knowledge blended together responsibly with passion and love. The unique differentiator is the tacit knowledge that one acquires here. Aravali is a journey of sheer grit, perseverance and endurance without any compromise.
Dr. Bharat Bhushan Verma
Aravali Gurukul Ashram
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