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Evaluation & Promotion Criteria
Evaluation at our Institute is a continuous process. Each student is assessed on the following parameters.
  • Attendance
  • Classroom discipline & participation
  • Internal Assessment, which contains some or all of the following:
    •    Assignments
      Presentations Class Tests Surprise Tests
      Group Tasks Minor Projects Internship
  • Mid-term Tests
  • Major Projects
  • Term-end Tests
  • Summer Internship
The grades are awarded based on the range of the scores and the nature of the course. The Grade Points awarded and Credits are compiled to work out overall Grade Point Average (GPA) and ranking in the Programme.
The interpretation and meaning of the grades are as follows:
Grade Meaning

Points out of 10

A+ Excellent 10
A Very Good 9
B+ Good 8
B Highly Satisfactory


C+ Satisfactory 6
C Average 5
D+ Below Average 4
D Unsatisfactory 3
F Fail 0
I Incomplete -
At the end of each Term, students are awarded letter grade in each course, which represents the weighted average of performance in that course during the Term. A student securing an aggregate of around 40% in individual course is considered pass in that course.
A student requires minimum 80% attendance in a course, otherwise the student is deemed to have not completed that course, is given "I" grade and has to necessarily repeat the course whenever it is conducted next.
Rules for award of Post-Graduate Programme completion certificate:
i) At the end of programme, the student should not have "F" grade in more than one course and have Cumulative Grade Point Average of minimum 4.00 (on 10 point-scale).
ii) Students who have secured 'F' grade(s) and are desirous of improvement are given only one opportunity to give the retest on payment of the prescribed retest fee.
iii) Those students who have got "I" grade(s) will be given only one opportunity to repeat the course(s) on payment of the prescribed fee.
iv) Students who fail in the Programme will have four options – repeating the courses in which they have got “F” grades, repeating the Term in which they have GPA less than 4.00, repeating the year in which they have GPA less than 4.00 and repeating the entire programme.
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