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"Hold fast to your dreams, for without dreams life is like a bird that cannot fly" has been a favourite quote of my dear friend and classmate Prof. S. Manikutty of IIM Ahmedabad. This quote has an underlying message with a lot of relevance and significance for all of us - personally and professionally. In fact I sincerely believe that there are three aspects which are of utmost importance for an individual to enable him/her chart a path forward for career and life - a dream (destination in life), fire in the belly (passionate commitment) and strict adherence to certain core values (creating unique identity of the person).
While working in senior positions with some of the leading corporates including a multinational for 16 years and also as the Secretary of IIM Ahmedabad Alumni Association and President of IIT Delhi Alumni Association, I had occasions to meet and interact with a large number of people at all levels in various organizations. Based on these experiences, I am convinced that the biggest problem faced by the youth of today is not really the lack of opportunities for career but rather the opportunities to develop the requisite competency to realize their true potential.
To be able to meet the ever-changing challenges, for sustenance and growth, today's organisations and our nation need people who have the passion to be their assets. However, the organisations are increasingly finding it difficult to get people who meet their competency requirements, despite willingness to pay high salaries. To effectively redress this state of affairs, the only solution is to have not the quantity alone but more importantly, the quality of educational institutions. The quality of education alone can ensure that the students develop the capability and competence required to perform and deliver results in the organisations where they work or they create.
Welcome to Aravali, where it has been our commitment to the students, their parents and the society at large that we will provide high quality of education by way of ensuring the requisite Institute culture, faculty, courses, pedagogy, infrastructure & facilities and organisational networking. In the process, we sincerely believe we are able to develop the required capability and competence in our students to make them good human beings, good citizens and good professionals who will be assets to any organization or entrepreneurs who establish successful organisations. This way, while creating the foundation for better career and life for our students, we believe that we are also able to make a humble contribution to the gigantic task of our nation-building.
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